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FSI News

FSI became the distributor of P-IONE Paperless Meeting Software

From December 25,2020, FSI has became the distributor of P-IONE Paperless Meeting Software – the software which helps companies and organizations shift working methods, from paper documents to electronic documents, shorten the time and improve the quality of meetings, with roadmap from from “less paper” to “no paper”. P-IONE Paperless Meeting software helps customers improve meeting quality and reduce costs Introduction to P-IONE Paperless Meeting Software P-IONE is a software that supports organizing meetings in the traditional way onto the

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5 ways to identify fraudulent companies to be aware of

The common desire of employees is to find good jobs, high income levels, a friendly working environment and development opportunities. However, many companies use that general mentality to deceive their candidates. So you need to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to distinguish a scam from a good company Not interested in your CVA good business, they will be very interested in information related to their candidates to know that you are really suitable for the position or not. If

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Confusion Between Digitization And Digital Transformation Makes Many Enterprises “Illusion” About Capacity

When it comes to converting numbers, many people often just pay attention to the “digital” and accidentally forget the “transformation” part. That is also the reason leading to the confusion between the concepts of “digitalization” and “digital transformation”. Diffrence between digitalization and digital transformation Difference between digitizing and converting numbers  Digitization Digital Transformation – Is the process of modernization, conversion of conventional systems to digital systems (such as the conversion from digital documents to software files on computers, digital television

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Solving the simple digital conversion problem, WEONE won the Sao Khue 5* award excellently

On April 23, 2022, the ceremony to announce and cite the Sao Khue Award by the Association of Software and IT Services (VINASA) was held in Hanoi. In new software products and solutions, FSI’s WEONE has reached the Top 10 Sao Khue 2022 and is rated five stars. FSI digital transformation products – The Sao Khue award in 2022 WEONE Enterprise Automation System Solution is a 5-star product in New software products and solutions among nearly 200 products awarded during

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