Identification of investigation

IONE provides an identification solution that extracts the fields of information in the questionnaire as required and automatically enters the storage system or application software.


Minimize errors

Reduce errors caused by manual input

Increase security and safety

Information for business

Improve professional quality

Thanks to the ability to dissolve quickly

Information is automatically identified and extracted

To help process big data in a short time

Manpower saving

Information is extracted automatically to help reduce manpower for implementing projects

Save time, increase efficiency

Integrate handwritten digital recognition (ICR), mark recognition (OMR) technology to save time on data decomposition



Identifying and separating tick

Identifying and separating tick marks with accuracy over 99%

Handwritten number recognition

Handwritten number recognition and extraction have accuracy over 98%

Automatic data extraction

Automatic data extraction regardless of the form


IONE technology is integrated into the software that FSI provides for the software to win high prizes such as: DocEye document management section won the title of Sao Khue 2016, 2017, 2018, D-IONE digital software won the Vietnam Talent Award 2019.

IONE is deployed in large land digitization projects to help customers build an efficient digital land database, saving time and money.

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