Break up the form

IONE is an automatic information extraction and identification solution that allows for large data processing in a short time. IONE’s processed input images produce text data and metadata for storage or integration into other systems


Save a lot of time and money

as there is no need to build expensive, cumbersome input units. The documents are automatically extracted according to the needs and put into the archiving system

Safety, low-risk security

Information is automatically extracted right on the system, avoiding human intervention in the process of data extraction and processing.

Easily extract information on all forms

and forms of customers with 98% accuracy



Vietnamese recognition

Vietnamese recognition accuracy up to 98%

Handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition accuracy of over 95%

Automatic data extraction

Automatic data extraction regardless of the form

Detect marks

Detect marks with 99% accuracy


IONE technology is integrated into the software that FSI provides for the software to win high prizes such as: DocEye document management section won the title of Sao Khue 2016, 2017, 2018, D-IONE digital software won the Vietnam Talent Award 2019

IONE is deployed in large digital projects of sectors: environmental resources, justice, architecture, construction planning, .. and other major customers such as Honda Vietnam, Big C, DB Schenker, ... saves customers time and money

24/7 support, competitive price, flexible customized solution


Our measure of success is customer trust and community recognition


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