Identifying and dissecting identity cards

IONE provides a solution to identify and extract information from identity scans easily by fields such as name, date of birth, hometown, ID number, date of issue … for quick information extraction. fast, accurate, time saving. The technology applies to both old and new identity cards and ID cards.


Exploiting information quickly and accurately

thanks to easy identification and extraction of information from ID photos (identify name, country of origin, ID number, gender, date of issue ...)

Cost savings

Eliminate costly and error-prone manual work, ensure high-quality and accurate data collection, and speed up the overall process.

Shortening the processing

reducing the number and simplifying the process, standardizing the content of the file, reducing the time and cost of implementing administrative procedures.

Improve customer satisfaction

minimize waiting time of customers

Save time, increase efficiency

save 10 times compared to manual data entry

Helps process big data in a short time

information is automatically identified and extracted to speed up the overall process.




Identify and extract information of ID card, CCCD with 90-97% accuracy

Visa, Passport identification

Identifying and separating information about Visa, Passport

Card identification

Identifying, separating information of cards ...

Machine learning

Machine learning mechanism helps the system automatically improve accuracy

Why choose IONE technology?


IONE technology is integrated into the software that FSI provides for the software to win high prizes such as: DocEye document management section won the title of Sao Khue 2016, 2017, 2018, D-IONE digital software won the Vietnam Talent Award 2019


IONE is applied in large digital projects of sectors: environmental resources, justice, architecture, construction planning,... and other major customers such as banks, telecommunications, Insurance helps customers to save time and money

Support 24/7

24/7 support, competitive price, flexible customized solution



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