Consulting IT system planning and architecture

FSI’s IT system architecture and planning consulting services include: Consulting solutions on adjusting, digitizing to create database, GIS; Consulting overall model of IT development for businesses; overall management solutions for businesses (ERP) according to each field of activity; business software solutions: HRM, CRM, ACS, RMS, E- Office, Electronic Storage; hardware solutions: server, workstation, network infrastructure system, security; Consulting on website solutions, information pages, portal


Why need IT system architecture and planning consulting services?

Nowadays, information technology plays a very important role in operating and professional operations in organizations – enterprises, helping to improve management capacity, labor productivity and quality of products and services. In the course of operations, businesses are faced with the requirements of technological change, particularly the computerization of business operations to meet market demand and can build an IT system brings overall, unified, comprehensively meeting the management needs of businesses


Optimizing information technology solutions, enhancing enterprise value

Effectively apply and exploit information, improve the organization's competitiveness

The IT system is deployed synchronously and optimally, helping to save money and time

Improve operational efficiency

Increasing customer experience


Implementing IT application strategy and plan in parallel and goals of the organization

Helping leaders, business departments and IT departments to understand and look in the same direction. Strengthen organizational support and coordination in IT application / development for business / professional development

Enhance the organization's ability to manage the organization's IT knowledge assets, including business processes, data information, applications, and technology in use.

Helps ensure that IT and Technology Project decisions are fully aligned with the organization's goals and strategies, prioritizing and ensuring the effectiveness of the organization's key technology investments.

Optimizing information management through understanding between business needs and technology capabilities

Have a long-term view of the IT system of agencies, units and organizations

Optimize costs and increase data sharing and synchronization. Avoid implementing overlapping IT projects or applications


13+ years of experience

Over 13 years of experience in the IT field

Team of professional consultants

FSI has a team of professional consultants and engineers who are well-trained and qualified

Meet the ISO/IEC

Meet the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 information security standard and ISO 9001: 2015 quality management

Having practical capacity

Experience in building many key projects for ministries, sectors, provinces and corporations.


Our measure of success is customer trust and community recognition

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