System maintenance and upgrade service

The team of FSI experts will help customers monitor and inspect IT systems and equipment strictly according to the prescribed cycle, analyze and identify the causes, and design and implement the appropriate tuning options well suited. That is also how we help businesses optimize costs and maintain comprehensive system upgrades.


Why need maintenance service to upgrade the system?

IT systems and equipment play a very important role in the operation of state management agencies, organizations and enterprises, in order to serve the direction, administration as well as the people and enterprises achieve high efficiency, save time and money; contribute to building e-Government, reforming the public administration.

If the system malfunctions, it will greatly affect the work so the system maintenance and maintenance needs to be paid special attention and done regularly.


Increasing the availability of IT systems and equipment

Optimizing system performance

Actively check database system

Minimize the risk of system downtime by identifying potential risks, problems and solving them before they happen.


Deployed quickly, accurately, and ensured implementation progress

Data is backed up before performing maintenance to ensure data integrity

Maintenance service meets technical standards: cycle, process, operation, equipment, specifications, professional capacity


13+ years of experience

Over 13 years of experience in system implementation, digitalization, digital transformation

The staff is rich in expertise

And practical implementation experience

Partner of major technology firms

As a reliable partner of major technology firms such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Dell ...

Support 24/7

Enthusiastic consultation, 24/7 support


Our measure of success is customer trust and community recognition

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