Virtualization and cloud computing

Along with the development of virtualization solutions in particular and cloud computing technology in general, difficult problems in investment, infrastructure construction and IT applications in enterprises have gradually been solved way easier. In which the Private Cloud solution is the right model to help solve effectively the problem of investment costs and operating costs of the IT system mentioned above.


On-demand self-service

Users only need to send requests through the web portal of the enterprise when needed, the system will respond to user requests such as: increasing server usage time, increasing storage capacity easily.

Resource pooling

Virtual resources in Private Cloud will be dynamically allocated depending on each user's needs, helping to increase resource efficiency compared to traditional static resource allocation, to fully meet the needs of the user.

Increase continuity, availability

The solution ensures continuity, high availability and disaster prevention for businesses. Protection layered against service interruptions and data loss such as hot migration of virtual machines, hardware-independent operations, backup and recovery using technology to avoid duplication of data, ...



Diversified service forms, suitable to the needs of each different customer.


Network infrastructure systems, servers located at FSI are always maintained and upgraded regularly, minimizing errors during use.


Provide complete computing resources including: server (server), network infrastructure, storage equipment, data center space



FSI implementation unit is the top 10 enterprises with excellent 4.0 technology capacity


Over 13 years of experience in system implementation, digitalization, digital transformation


Staff with rich expertise and experience in implementing many key system and database projects in ministries, provinces, and corporations.


Consulting enthusiastically, proactively 24/7


Our measure of success is customer trust and community recognition

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