Digital Transformation For Small And Medium Business

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Digital transformation is critical for all businesses of all sizes. It helps businesses improve operating efficiency, customer experience and especially competitiveness in the market. However, for small businesses with little capital and limited ability to invest in technology, what should they do to transform digitally?

 Các doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ nghĩ gì về chuyển đổi số?

What do SMEs think about digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a restructuring activity that helps businesses operate more efficiently in the digital age. Therefore, it is not uncommon that businesses are very interested in this activity, even small businesses.

Các doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ nghĩ gì về chuyển đổi số?

Digital transformation is the life-and-death race for businesses of all sizes

According to SMB Group’s 2017 SMB Group digital transformation study, nearly half of SMEs (SMBs) surveyed said they “are currently planning to engage in activities that help them adapt. and transforming businesses for a digital future ”and about 75% of companies surveyed agree that digital technology is impacting the way they do business.

In fact, 42% of SMBs now see digital transformation as a core component of organizational strategy, and digital leaders are doubling down on the performance of digital latency.

Meanwhile, 82% of SMBs have done some degree of digital transformation within their organizations.

How is digital transformation impacting SMEs?

Presence on mobile

Sự hiện diện trên thiết bị di động

The advancement of technology helps mobile devices become smarter. That is why customers are expecting more from the mobile experience.

With 40% of all mobile searches being local businesses and 60% not going to visit or recommend a business after having trouble with a poorly designed mobile site poses a love urgent digital transformation demand for small and medium enterprises.

Mobile optimization is clearly important – 47% of SMBs still don’t have a mobile-friendly website or app.

Application at business

Ứng dụng tại doanh nghiệp

Technology applications make business operations more efficient

Most small businesses often do not pay attention to invest in technology applications used in the office. In fact, these applications will help businesses build an efficient workflow and save much time compared to traditional management methods.

Activities such as reports, calendar reminders, document management, … can be done quickly with just a few simple steps on the management applications. Thereby eliminating redundant activities, increasing efficiency and improving staff morale.


Automation helps SMBs perform a series of fully automated business processes without human intervention.

An example of automation is generating an order confirmation email after a customer completes an online purchase, or guiding customers to troubleshoot when an error is reported.

Customer management provided by AI

There’s a marketing adage that 80% of businesses come from 20% of customers. With artificial intelligence, that will change forever. Smart profiles formed by automated and segmented customer categorization help companies identify their best customers. These profiles also help provide a kind of personalized experience that keeps customers happy and loyal.

The key to successful digital transformation for SMEs

Empower employees to use data

Chìa khóa giúp các doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ chuyển đổi số thành công

Trao quyền cho nhân viên sử dụng dữ liệu

Data is the key to helping drive accurate business decisions. Small and medium businesses should allow their employees to extract and exploit corporate document information instead of restricting them. This can help employees better understand the activities, customers and partners of the business.

Allowing employees to use data is also a way to promote the exchange of information between individuals and departments, thereby increasing connectivity. In addition, when it is necessary to provide information to customers, employees do not need to spend too much time getting information from managers or other departments.

Applying suitable technologies to business activities

For small and medium enterprises, choosing a suitable application is extremely necessary to both ensure enhanced work efficiency and save investment costs.

A suitable application, a smart business automation platform need to ensure the following factors: managing the entire business process system on a digital platform, professional document management, data mining fast,… 

Ensuring the system’s integrity

Most digital transformation initiatives aim to streamline operations, automate workflows, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. It is important that all systems be sure to communicate with each other in a seamless manner.

Small and medium businesses should integrate applications (financial management, customer service, HR management), into the same platform to avoid work fragmentation and help departments interact. closer together, strengthen departmental cooperation and build a customer-centric organization

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